Radar Editor Gets the Stench

Seems the new Radar Magazine is pissing people off. The magazine named Marion Suge" Knight, founder of Death Row Records, one of it's monsters and most hated people.

The article said Knight "orchestrated the 1996 and '97 slayings of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls . . . At a 1995 Christmas party forced [Bad Boy record promoter] Mark Bell to drink a champagne glass of Knight's urine . . ."

So what did Suge do in response to this? Allegedly, he sent an excrement filled package to Maer Roshan with this letter:

"If dey waz to comes a time, when you didin hab a dime, an you a- - is on tha street like some wurfless monkey meat, I gives you a fresh treat, Dats I know you like to eat, for my next big hit, I give you corn from my [rhymes with �hit']."

Of course, Suge denies he sent the letter and a statement from his rep said, "Suge doesn't know Radar exists. This is just silly. We have nothing to do with this."

I guess Radar is, after all. da shit.

by Steve Hall    May- 7-03   Click to Comment   

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