The All Murdoch TV Channel

To fight against the potential further FCC loosening of consolidation rules in it's upcoming June 2 meeting, and Common Cause have banded together to create a new campaign featuring Rupert Murdoch. The TV spots show Murdoch on all channels with the viewer clicking his remote in a vain effort to switch to a non-Murdoch channel.

The voiceover reads, "On June 2nd, the Republicans on the FCC plan to get rid of an important regulation so that Rupert Murdoch can buy more TV stations, radio stations and newspapers, giving him control over much of the news you hear. This monopoly is no game."

Murdoch's company, News Corp owns Fox TV, eight cable networks, 34 TV stations, newspapers, movies studios...and the list goes on.

The campaign does have a point. Every where you look, there is intense media consolidation. The benefit is supposed to be lower costs of operation and better cross-media deals for advertisers. Rather, it has produced a lack of individuality and a sameness across many media outlets. Competition is a good thing. There is less and less of that with this move towards mega-consolidation. [via AdWeek]


by Steve Hall    May-28-03   Click to Comment   

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How stupid are these people? News Corp only owns 2.8% of the American media market, on the other hand Viacom( CBS, MTV, Simon&Schuster and many many others) owns 44% of the American media market eventhough FCC rules allow no more than 35% to belong to one corporate entity. Viacom was granted a waiver( that's the nice way of saying that a whole lot of Democrats got bribed) by the FCC under the Clinton administration. If Moveon and Common Cause want to be taken seriously i suggest they get thier facts staight.

Posted by: jon on December 1, 2006 6:15 PM