The Reason Most Americans Are Fat

Oh sure, we should all be responsible for our own weight management but it's hard when we are bombarded with food offerings that amount to Catherine Zeta Jones serving sizes. McDonalds', the Supersize folks now have an even bigger supersize called the XBoz size. They've partnered with Microsoft to offer these new sizes that are designed for the "quantity over quality" demographic.

Quantity over quality is dead on when it comes to McDonald's and is further indication that corporate America doesn't give a shit about what they have to do to make money.

These new french fry and soft drink sizes (64oz. I think) are so big that they need titanium struts in the packaging to hold them up. Titanium!

So there you have it. The next disgusting offering from the company that will go down in Anthropology as the primary reason for average weight of an American reaching 300 pounds by 2050. Just wait, there will certainly be another "you made me fat, because I have no control over what I put in my mouth" lawsuit. But this time, it will be called the "Microsoft made me Zeta Jones myself to 500 pounds" lawsuit. [via bbspot (whatever that is)]

Thanks to Reverse Cowgirl.


by Steve Hall    May-21-03   Click to Comment   

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