Aggregation, Fragmentation and Weblogs

The media industry has been in a continual state of fragmentation for many years. This is generally a good thing in that it provides consumers with content that is specific to their interests. Fragmentation can, however, be very daunting to the consumer to actually find what they are looking for.

The flipside of fragmentation is aggregation. And aggregation is a powerful business benefit of weblogs. Weblogs are very focused in content and to provide that content, the author of the blog casts a wide net across all possible sources of that particular area of focus and aggregates all relevant content into the blog. This makes for easy, "one stop shop" access to particular areas of focus. And in an ever fragmenting media world, that is a good thing.

If you are marketing to specific audiences with a specific demographic profile and specific areas of interest, consider launching an "aggregation" weblog and deliver only the content that is of interest to that audience.


by Steve Hall    Jun-10-03   Click to Comment   

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