Andy Bourland Buys MarketingFix

As some of you know, I am involved with another site called MarketingFix. It is a "thin-media" venture focused on Internet marketing I launched back in October with Rick Bruner, Olivier Travers, John Engler, and Robert Loch.

MarketingFix's tagline is "independent marketing news...until we sell out". Well, we did. And we sold out to a very well known gentleman in the Internet community, Andy Bourland, co-founder of Clickz. We are very pleased with the deal and look forward to the official launch of the new entity on July 1.

The new company will be called Up2Speed (not live yet) and will continue to offer coverage of internet marketing news but with a whole host of added features and services. You can read more about the deal here on MarketingFix in a post by Rick Bruner and here on directly from the mouth of our new boss.

Oh, there's also a little scandal going on about how we got scooped too. All very interesting. See you July 1 over at Up2Speed.

by Steve Hall    Jun-25-03   Click to Comment   

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