Britney Spears Out? The Olsen Twins and Hilary Duff In?

Not surprisingly, tweens are tired of Britney. Tired of her short shirts and sexy look. Hard to believe but it is true. Tweens are shifting to new idols.

"Tweens began to realize that she's too commercial, not to mention too sexually charged," said Alicia Kolski, vice president of Amp Insights, the tween research arm of Alloy Marketing and Promotions. "Tweens are listening to artists for their talent or skill more so than for what they wear."

So who will take her place? It looks like the trend is towards the more wholesome look of the Olsen Twins and Hilary Duff. Although if the Olsen twins want to keep their wholesome images, they'll have to stop letting their thongs pop out.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jun-26-03  
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