Is it Spike? Is it TNN? Here Are Some Suggestions

Suggestions for the new TNN:

  • John Singleton TV.
  • The New New TNN.
  • The Only Basic Cable Network Guaranteed To Draw More Women Than Men, Just Because They Appreciate The Irony Of Watching A Network That Is Supposedly Only For Men Network.
  • The We Promise You'll Never Have To Sit Through Another Agonizing Made-For-Lifetime Movie Here Network.
  • The I Can't Believe We Have Pamela Anderson In THREE Series Network.
  • The Last Chance For Kelsey Grammer To Break Out Of A Quarter-Century Of Typecasting Network.
  • The All Star Trek, All The Time Network.
  • The Burp & Fart Jokes Network.
  • The Don't Let Your Kids Watch This Cartoon Network.
  • The Testosterone Network.


Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jun-27-03  
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