The Marketing of Hotties

There used to be a time when babes were literally babes until they were not. Namely until the reached 18 or 21. Now, we have jailbait being marketed rampantly. OK, maybe that's a harsh assessment. But there's no where you can turn these days without seeing some hot 15 or 17 year old staring you back in the face. How's a guy supposed to react to that? Be attracted to the girl? Feel like a pedophile? A girl in a sexy outfit is a girl in a sexy outfit. Yea, yea, yea, there are limits. Don't get all bible on me.

The point, I just forgot. I just got distracted by those pictures. You don't care what my point is anyway, you just want to look at the pictures!

And besides, so do I. So I'm going to stop preaching about it and just sit back and enjoy it. Bring it on! Distract me. Stare back at me and make me believe I'm actually a hot 22 year old guy. Make me believe that you actually want talk to you. Let me see that vast 2.5 months of sexual experience glimmer from your sultry eyes. Bare your belly and squeeze your cleavage for me as I...oh wait....sorry...this isn't a porn site. This is supposed to be all about serious advertising news. Porn? Advertising? Aren't they the same thing anyway? Alright, so advertising is a little different than porn, I guess. Thee two industries sell themselves but advertising people do with their clothes on. Mostly.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-03   Click to Comment   

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