Two Interesting Trends to Watch

TrendWatching, a newsletter that finds and names new trends has two new ones to consider. The fist, called Mass Class, refers to the group of people who have taken advantage of the democratization of luxury made possible by low cost luxury retailers such as H&M, EasyJet, Gap, Nokia, Virgin, and Zara. This group has been able to "step" in class and are now an entirely new audience to market to.

The second trend dubbed, Online Oxygen, refers to the 600 million consumers worldwide who crave online access. They will do anything to get it and cannot live without it. The growth of broadband and wireless access continues to grow at a healthy clip. Intel is making this shift even easier by adding its 'Centrino' chip to over half of all new laptops in the next quarter. The 'Centrino' chip has specific wireless abilities. Additionally, the number of "hot spots", or wireless access points will grow from 9,700 this year to an estimated (IDC) 118,000 by 2006.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 6-03   Click to Comment   

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