Viral Ad of the Day: Make Love, Not Terror

In a nod to current world events, here is a little advertising video, called Homicide Bomber, urging all of us to make love, not terror. In the ad, a stunning Ethiopian model is walking down a famous boulevard in Tel Aviv, Israel. Men are mesmerized by her looks, which cause them to do the usual silly things men do when confronted by a hottie. She strolls down the side walk with nothing but a sheer mini covering her wobbling ass. She finally encounters a homicide bomber with an explosive belt wrapped around waist, on his way to blow up a sidewalk cafe.

While the two are at a standstill, she notices a slight bulge in the bomber's pants. Is it the bomb? Is it something else? The homicide bomber also notices the bulge, which, unfortunately triggers the bomb, causing him to uh...explode in typical male fashion: prematurely. There is a happy ending though. The message Make Love, Not Terror appears in Hebrew, Arabic and English appears at the end and the two, well, you'll have to use your imagination as to what they do next.

From Keta-Keta. Windows Movie Format. Click the image to view the ad.


Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jun- 3-03  
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