Wal-Mart Plans to Censor Covers of Four Magazines Aimed at Women

Following their move banning Maxim, Stuff and FHM from their newsstands, Walmart is partially concealing the covers of four women's magazines covering all but the title and the cover photo. The four magazines are Glamour, Redbook, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan.

I suppose you can't complain about this since it was initiated by Walmart customers who requested these moves, But, you know how these things are. The ones who have complaints, make them. The ones who don't, well, don't. So, therefore, these kind of moves are always in reaction to a small but vocal few. Granted, the covers of a lot of magazines do push the line when you consider they can be seen by a five year old but banning and blocking magazine covers just strikes me as the wrong way to go about it.


by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-03   Click to Comment   

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