Lara Croft's 36DD's in Your Shower

I found this over at adville. Posted by Martin Roell, who apparently can read German as he found this at futurezone, via schockwellenreiter, both in German.

The gist is EIDOS Interactive, a German game manufacturer is promoting its new game, "Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness" by placing live sized Lara Croft posters/cut-outs in men's showers (in health clubs I would imagine.)

Do you really want to be staring at a set of 36DD's (I know this only because that's how big Anjelina Jolie said they were in some interview) while you are showering with a bunch of guys? You know, trying to be all tough and in control of yourself? No un-necessary "wood" needed in that situation. Yea, yea, it's just a poster, not the real thing but still!


by Steve Hall    Jul- 5-03    

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