Nissan's Graffiti Campaign: Electric Moyo

Nissan has launched an ad campaign that tries to blend with street art in cities across the nation. The campaign, along with its own web site, seeks to find an alternative way to brand Nissan and tries to come off as all cool and insider-ish. Some street artists think it's cool. Some think it's just another attempt by corporations to leverage street cred in support of their brand.

What do you think?

by Steve Hall    Jul-18-03    

Redneck World Magazine Sees Growth

Yes, there is a magazine called Redneck World. It was started three years ago by Frank Fraser a former stockbroker raised in Cuba. Fraser launched the magazine because he felt there are far too many "snooty" publications out thare that do not cater to a vast audience of rednecks.

�People have a misconception of rednecks,� he says. �I call them the salt of the earth. It�s an uphill climb, but I�m trying to make rednecks respectable.�

He further describes his readers saying, �The RWR [Redneck World Redneck] likes fried foods, barbecues, cold beer, sweet tea, thick tasty gravies and wholesome country cooking. He also enjoys outdoor events like hunting, fishing, auto racing, arts & crafts and country fairs.�

He's seeing interest from advertisers in the North as well as the South indicating that Rednecks are not just a Southern thing. Rednecks buy stuff too, says Fraser. �Rednecks buy expensive doublewide mobile trailers, they buy ATVs, they buy motorcycles, hunting and fishing equipment. There is a lucrative marketplace out there.�

This goes to show there's a whole world out there once you get past J.Lo and Ben, Britney, fiddy' cent, Reality TV, and Gawker.

by Steve Hall    Jul-18-03    

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