Adrants Site Feature Update

There have been a lot of changes on Adrants lately so a summary is in order.


Most site navigation links are at the top under the Adrants logo. These include links to an About page with information on the site, a Contact page to contact Adrants, a newsletter page to subscribe to the Adrants newsletter, an Archives page to view past articles, an RSS page to feed Adrants directly into your newsreader, and a Search page to perform searches on the site.

The Right Hand Column

This area is filled with advertising related news and events. These include Advertising Headlines containing hand-picked news stories and links. This section also has its own rss feed and archive. The Online Advertising Headlines section contains stories pulled from Up2Speed, a web site focused on Internet marketing. The Sponsored Links section has text ads for site sponsors. Please check them out if you are interested. Sponsored links are also on the top of the page as well. The Advertising Events section contains related industry event listings. The Advertising Sites section has links to advertising news web sites. The Advertising Weblogs section has links to weblogs that discuss various aspects of advertising. The Advertising Resources section contains links to myriad websites full of advertising related facts, figures, and other data.

The Google Advertising News section links to predefined Google news searches. For example, click on "advertising" and you will be linked to advertising stories on Google's news page. The Feedster Advertising Feeds section, similar to the Google Ad News section, provides pre-selected search terms for weblog entries. For example, click on "ads" and you will be taken to a search results page with listings of weblogs that cover the topic of "ads". The Worthy Weblogs section contains links to other weblogs you might find of interest. They are not necessarily focused on advertising. The Adrants Buttons section contain graphics you can use if you would like to link to Adrants from your site.

Information Under Articles

Under each article, you will see a date stamp showing when the article was published, a Permanent Link which is a URL to the specific article, a Newsletter link to subscribe to the newsletter, and a Comment Here link to enter your comments about the article.

Please feel free to offer any comments or suggestions via the Comment here link below or the Contact link at the top of the page.

by Steve Hall    Jul-28-03   Click to Comment   

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