Drill: For Men Who Serve

A new magazine entitled Drill will launch its debut issue in October. The magazine is a Maxim-style men's magazine written for the military audience. If this story wasn't from the New York Times then I'd have to say this is a total spoof. It seems ridiculous. But then, military men are men too. Why should they be left out of the Maxim-ization of magazines. Of course, they could just go buy Maxim. Why do they need another?

"Drill will be a humor-oriented adventure title," said Editor in Chief Lance Gould, a former feature writer for The Daily News. "It is designed as a lifestyle magazine for people who serve in the military. You won't see a 'tank of the month' or a section on how to accessorize your rifle."

The magazine is published in Britain which raises some contention from the other military focused magazine, Leatherneck. Editor and Colonel Walter G. Ford says, "If somebody sent me a free copy, I might take a look at it. I don't see where it would be relevant. Why would I pick up a magazine owned by a British company and think that they know anything about the Corps?"

Let the battle of the leatherheads and Drill babes begin.

by Steve Hall    Jul-21-03   Click to Comment   

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