Jewel Hates Ads But Sings For Schick

You've all seen Jewel's video in which she gets all "Britney'd out" and makes fun of our overy commercialized world where we are promo'd and logo'd to death. Well, the girl herself is now behind a new ad campaign for Schick. Or at least her music is. Her hit song, "Intuition" is the music bed in a television commercial for a new Schick razor of the same name.

Rob Walker wonders about Jewel's motivations and contradiction in this Slate article:

I don't think Schick can be faulted for latching itself onto the latest hit from a fairly popular artist. But I'm a little curious about what Jewel is up to. I have nothing against the song "Intuition"; I like the occasional unabashed pop tune. On the other hand, I think I like this one because it's the best Britney Spears song I've heard in ages. It's possible to overlook the mild hypocrisy of Jewel poking fun at a musical and video style by basically copying it and adding a half-hearted wink. But how to explain writing a song that tells us all to resist the total marketing mentality all around us, promoting it with a video that satirizes advertising, all the while urging us to just be ourselves´┐Żand then licensing that song to a consumer products company for a huge sales campaign?

Is it possible to be against something and also become wealthy because of it? Sure. This is America. Most things here are a hypocritcal contradiction and this is no different.

View the ad here.

by Steve Hall    Jul-10-03   Click to Comment   

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