Kraft Changes Ad Strategy and Goes Healthy

Kraft has announced that it is changing its ad strategy to include anti child obesity initiatives. As part of this effort, in-school marketing will be greatly reduced.

What Kraft is really doing, according to this article is heading off potential law suits from fat people who blame food companies for their fatness. Just like the lady who sued McDonald's because her coffee was, oh my God, hot!

This is going to sound old fashioned but's starts in the home. Raise your children to eat the right way and they will. Yes, there is tons of bad food options out there but no one is forcing you to eat them. Why is it that no one these days wants to take responsibility for anything in their owns lives? Why is everything someone else's fault? No one is stuffing food down your throat. You are! Try this. You think you are fat, don't sue, stop eating! And don't give me that crap that you didn't know the food had a lot of calories in it.

What's up with people today that companies have to get so PC and and end up doing double talk like, "Gee, we're Kraft. We make Oreos. But don't eat too many because they will make you fat?"

Can anyone answer that for me?

by Steve Hall    Jul- 2-03   Click to Comment   

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