Redneck World Magazine Sees Growth

Yes, there is a magazine called Redneck World. It was started three years ago by Frank Fraser a former stockbroker raised in Cuba. Fraser launched the magazine because he felt there are far too many "snooty" publications out thare that do not cater to a vast audience of rednecks.

�People have a misconception of rednecks,� he says. �I call them the salt of the earth. It�s an uphill climb, but I�m trying to make rednecks respectable.�

He further describes his readers saying, �The RWR [Redneck World Redneck] likes fried foods, barbecues, cold beer, sweet tea, thick tasty gravies and wholesome country cooking. He also enjoys outdoor events like hunting, fishing, auto racing, arts & crafts and country fairs.�

He's seeing interest from advertisers in the North as well as the South indicating that Rednecks are not just a Southern thing. Rednecks buy stuff too, says Fraser. �Rednecks buy expensive doublewide mobile trailers, they buy ATVs, they buy motorcycles, hunting and fishing equipment. There is a lucrative marketplace out there.�

This goes to show there's a whole world out there once you get past J.Lo and Ben, Britney, fiddy' cent, Reality TV, and Gawker.

by Steve Hall    Jul-18-03   Click to Comment   

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I have a problem. I am writing a whole bunch of Redneck poems and some of them are emotinal.I am calling my portfolio "Thoughts of a Redneck" and I cant find a good picture to out on the top of it. Can you help me please? I need to find somthing my next week if you find anythign then please email it to me thank you!

Posted by: Jordy on September 16, 2005 12:17 PM

My husband, Frank Fraser, passed away May 26, 2008. His dream of Redneck World magazine is now being continued by Bryan VonCannon at

I want to thank all the loyal subscribers and visitors to our old website and hope that they will visit the new website at
Thank you,
Lucy Fraser

Posted by: Lucy Fraser on January 15, 2009 9:59 AM