Sex Doesn't Sell Every Week

So I could put this little image up on the left of a bunch of cheerleaders and tell you it's the next hot spot from some beer company. Or, I could tell the truth and let you know it's a very G rated commercial from Kodak about digital photography. Sex does sell... just not every week.

Aside from sex, this week from Ad Age's TV Spots of the Week we have talking animal tails for Frontier Airlines, Jason Alexander in the last of his KFC commercials, a hot chic kickin' with Charlie's Angels for Cingular (she has all her clothes on), a wierd spot for Hampton Inn, a woman obsessed over color for a hospital, some old dude picking cereal boxes off a tree for Kellog, and Volkwagen "dumping" for its new Transporter.

by Steve Hall    Jul-14-03   Click to Comment   

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