Spoof Ad: What Would Jesus Drink?

Robert Loch from Up2Speed sent me these two spoof ads done by PinkyPoos, a U.K. based live music troupe. The troupe has put together two humorous ad spoofs for Pinky Vodka from Seriously. Yes, that is the name of the vodka and the name of the company. In the spoofs, the ads borrow from the "What Would Jesus Drive?" tagline originally used by the Evangelical Environmental Network in an ad campaign against gas guzzling SUVs and subsequently altered and used by The Sport Utility Vehicle Owners of America in an ad campaign supporting SUVs.

The spoof ads, done with finger puppetry, carry the tagline, "What Would Jesus Drink?" There are two version. You can view one here and the other here.


by Steve Hall    Jul-19-03   Click to Comment   

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