Up2Speed Officially Launches

Well, even though everybody already knows, today is the official launch of Up2Speed, a business I co-founded with four other partners as MarketingFix and sold to Andy Bourland, co-founder of Clickz. Here's our overview and mission:

The mission of Up2Speed LLC is to help marketers and media professionals save time and do their jobs more effectively by keeping informed of important industry news and best practices.
Up2Speed is a hybrid media and consulting company. On our web site, we offer free and paid content services. These do and/or soon will include daily news aggregation about Internet marketing and media from sources around the web and beyond, a daily newsletter, a thriving discussion community, comprehensive coverage of case studies, a directory of e-marketing service providers, a thorough index of industry research reports, original research and how-to guides, as well as other pending content initiatives.
Our consulting services include Internet marketing plan review, web site review, search engine optimization review, vendor evaluation and request-for-proposal support, custom research, business weblog strategy and development support, online ad creative review and more.
Up2Speed.com launched in July of 2003 after acquiring the assets in June 2003 of Adventive, a popular series of email discussion lists focused on Internet marketing founded in 1995 by John Audette, and MarketingFix, a site dedicated to e-marketing news analyis founded in late 2002 by Rick E. Bruner, John Engler, Steve Hall, Robert Loch and Olivier Travers.

I'm extremely excited about this new venture and "thin-media" business model. I have the greatest respect and admiration for my partners and look forward to a long, exciting, and prosperous endevour. Visit us soon and often!

Read out much better than average press release here.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-03   Click to Comment   

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