'Alias' Star Jennifer Garner Asked to Appear in CIA Recruitment Video

Garner to promote CIA

In a life imitates art move, the CIA has had discussions with Jennifer Garner, star of television show 'Alias', to be part of a recruitment video for the agency.

"We very much would like to continue our discussions with Miss Garner and possibly other cast members to work with us on a recruitment video," said Chase Brandon, film industry liaison for the CIA. "We feel that Miss Garner, both in character as agent Sydney Bristow and as herself, embodies the intelligence, enthusiasm and dedication that we're looking for. Our continuing efforts to enlist the best and the brightest would be admirably served by having her support."

CIA Recruits can now aspire to a fictional television character as they consider whether they are going to save the world from terrorists.

by Steve Hall    Aug-28-03   Click to Comment   

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