Anna Kournikova Fails as Color Commentator

Jeter and Kournikova

According to the New York Post, Anna Kournikova has failed miserably as color commentator for USA Network. Yesterday, dressed in her usually hot way in a red mini, red bra and tank top, Kournikova struggled to comment on happenings in the Yankees lounge as producers promted her from behind the camera.

It's fun to snark about this as the New York Post has but I challenge the Post reporter or anyone to stand in front of a camera and perform flawlessly. Only a handful of people can do it right. So Anna isn't a reporter or even a winner at tennis but she is a media darling, fun to read about, and pleasing to look at. Ease up on the girl.

Tennis and reporting aside, Anna's true success will come from her recently launched "Only the Ball Should Bounce" Multiway Sports Bra.

Here's a video interview with Maxim U.K. as part of her appearance in the October issue.

by Steve Hall    Aug-28-03   Click to Comment   

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