Levi's Pulls Commercial Following Another Idiotic Politically Correct Outcry

Levi Strauss has pulled an ad featuring a women on horseback riding down railroad tracks and jumping over an oncoming train following complaints by the rail safety group Operation Lifesaver. The group claims the ad encourages risky behavior.

The ad itself is meant to be seen as fantasy and not real however that did not sway the group which sent a letter to Levi Strauss requesting the ad be pulled.

Perhaps all ads should now carry a disclaimer stating, "Nothing in this ad is real. Nothing in this ad matters. Nothing in this ad is meant to be offensive in any way, shape or form. Nothing in this ad should be construed to be racial or strereotypical in any way. Nothing in this ad should be believed. Nothing in this ad is really worth you getting your britches in a bunch so just back the fuck off and enjoy it for what it is."

by Steve Hall    Aug-11-03   Click to Comment   

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