Maxim Magazine Wins Flesh to Literary Ratio Analysis

Here is the kind of analysis media planners really need. Who cares about "pink sheets", BPA statements, Simmons and MRI runs, readership studies and all that other crap. When planning to reach men, all that really matter is the flesh to word ration. The Salt Lake Tribune has provided just that and Maxim wins as the fleshiest of them all.

There's also an analysis of the magazines slogans and suggested slogans if the magazines promoted themselves for what they are truly about. For example, Maxim's slogan is "The Best Thing to Happen to Men Since Women". The suggested "honest" slogan is "Just Enough Clothing So Your Girlfriend Lets You Subscribe"

Armed with this kind of information, media buyers can put together a killer magazine buy designed to do just what the client wants: put the reader in such a state of drool that they will hopefully drool all over the client's ad as well.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-03   Click to Comment   

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