Musicland Dupes Customers With Entertainment Weekly Subscription

A law suit alleges over 1,000 Musicland Stores did not inform customers who signed up for eight free copies of Entertainment Weekly they would be billed for a full subscription unless they called to cancel. Time Inc., publisher of Entertainment Weekly, allegedly gave Musicland seven dollars for every customer who was charged.

This is a standard sleazy practice whereby evaluation offers are made with statements such as, "If you don't want to continue receiving X, all you have to do is call and cancel." This puts the burden on the consumer where it should be the other way around.

by Steve Hall    Aug-28-03   Click to Comment   

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This does not go alone for Musicland, regardless of the age of this article. It's happening recently again. I headed into a Saturday Night Matinee for a video and a game, and I was supposed to get a "10%" discount if I join thier club, which consisted of 2 "free" magazine subscriptions. A month later, I look at my credit report to see a total of $80 in charges from Entertainment Weekly and Sports Illustrated, both with I NEVER read and just handed to my local dentist. I went two days later to Saturday Night Matinee, I made a purchase, AND THEY SAID I WAS NOT IN THIER DATABASE AS A MEMBER. I stopped going there, but not before I snagged one of thier "offer slips". No where in the phamplet did it say that they would give out your credit card information to the magazine subscribers. I was totally duped. Also, trying to cancel these subscriptions has been a PAIN. I'd really like some information if anyone has some about what I can do here... Thanks.

Posted by: Rob on July 29, 2006 9:38 PM