New Technology to Revolutionize Outdoor Medium

Magink's Video Paper Billboard

Those old paper, and more recently vinyl, billboards won't be around for long if New York based Magink has its way. The company has developed a technology whereby "electronic paper" can be manipulated to change images by changing electronic charges.

The staid outdoor industry is in for a big change if this technology takes off. No more trucks heading out to physically change creative on boards. No more delays in changing a campaign. More selling opportunities. An outdoor company could literally control their entire inventory from a single computer. The list goes on.

The change will also allow sellers and advertisers more flexibility. For example, a local TV station could promote a specific program airing on a given night and then change the creative to promote another show the next day. Unrelated to adverting, though important, in the case of an emergency, all billboards could be changed to display helpful messaging to drivers. The industry is due for a boost and this is a big ticket to launching that boost.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-28-03   Click to Comment   

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