Reebok Hopes For Nike Swoosh-Like Noteriety

Reebok launched on August 23 an 18 month, $40-50 million campaign to force feed its vector logo into the minds of helpless consumers who just want a good pair of sneakers and not another round of "Just Do It" - like Logomania. The new tagline for this effort will be "Wear the Vector. Outperfom." Unfortunately, it just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Just Do It".

New York-based Arnell Group is behind the push with spots produced by Ridley Scott's RSA USA production company

Update: Interestingly, the spot that aired during MTV's Video Music Award show verbalized only the Outperform portion of the tagline and was visually more prominent than Wear the Vector. Maybe Reebok realized the idiocy of the double tag.

by Steve Hall    Aug-25-03   Click to Comment   

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