TV Guide Launches Racy New Strategy to Stem Circulation Losses

With TV Guide losing readers faster than Britney can take her clothes off for Elle, the magazine has undertaken a new editorial direction. Following the successful lad magazine trend, TV Guide will move towards racier covers and content in an effort to stem losses in circulation.

The first of the new issues will feature Party of Five star Jennifer Love Hewitt in a skin tight leopard skin mini-dress seemingly unable to cover or support her very large and heavy looking cleavage. Inside will be a feature article on her upcoming talk show in which she will supposedly reveal even more of her bulging and weighty curvaceousness.

This is certainly a dramatic move for the usually staid and conservative magazine. Large and pendulous curvature may not have worked for Miller Lite but perhaps it might for TV Guide. It will no doubt increase newsstand sales.

Who will be worthy of future covers? Jessica Simpson and Nikki Cox are certainly qualified.

Perhaps this risky change will pay off and give TV Guide the lift it needs. If it doesn't then the magazine is destined to continue down it's flacid path of impotency. Click the image to view an even bigger version of Love Hewitt's enormous assets. (J)

by Steve Hall    Aug-12-03   Click to Comment   

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All I want is a TV Guide with TV listings and nothing else. After you turned the guide into a magazine I canceled it. I don't want a magazine. If you go back 10 years and make the same guide, I will buy it again, for now I use the net.

Posted by: William on October 17, 2008 9:10 PM