Water is Theme For This Week's Commercials

Two spots in this week's Ad Age TV Spots of the Week feature water as the central character . The first is every guy's dream. For Mudd Jeans, which Britney Spears popularized, a couple strolls romantically through a field only to be assaulted by the sprinkler system. Of course, the girl revels in the beauty of being soaked and dances seductively for us until she is completely soaked finally getting a big kiss from her boyfriend. The second, for Gordon's Gin, shows the lengths people go to in order to be refreshed with H2O. Watch closely as the spot starts. You will see some intruigingly pendulous activity.

Other spots this week includes a Hispanic focused ad for McDonald's, an illuminating spot for Kids Foot Locker and Reebok, a wife calling attention to her husbands love handles to promote a bathroom scale, a kid who sticks pencils up his nose illustrating why parents should not spend a lot on school supplies, and a spot from Subway featuring the Sherman brothers who lost 100 pounds each by adhering to a Subway diet.


by Steve Hall    Aug-11-03   Click to Comment   

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