Dating Site Accepts Ads Only From Hotties

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With the tagline, "Survival of the Prettiest," Vanity Date recently launched providing hot singles with what they really want in a date: an equally hot single. According to the site's About page, Vanity Date is "the world's most judgemental, shallow dating website. At Vanity Date we have a vision of creating the largest database of the world's most good looking, rich and superficial people."

Now that's truth in advertising. The About page goes on to say members don't have to be supermodels but they do have to rate at least 7 and make over $200,000 per year. The site wants intelligent people and will, in fact, kick a member off if they are found to have an IQ below 100. If you've got it all and don't want to mess with the "sub-standard" rest of us, this site is definitely for you.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-03   Click to Comment   

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