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I've never really watched The WB's Everwood before but I happened to watch the season premier and I have to say Everwood is good TV. It's not flashy. It's not cool. It's just good clean family fun. If that endorsement sounds strange coming from a site that is usually trashing media and writing about beer babes in bikinis or Britney's latest strip fest, realize that it can be tiring and quite boring ranting negatively about media all the time. Some positivity is needed sometimes to clense the soul.

The premiere tied up an apparent loose end from last season. In last season's emotional cliffhanger, Dr. Brown (Treat Williams) performed radical brain surgery on Colin Hart (Mike Erwin) in an effort to save his life. In the season premiere, it was reveled that Colin did die. The small town of Everwood has ostracized Dr. Brown but the town doesn't know the whole story. Hart asked Brown not to resuscitate if things went badly which they did. Brown maintained doctor patient privacy but Hart's girlfriend found a copy of the letter Hart wrote to the doctor on Hart's computer.

There were plenty of emotional TV moments but the episode did not end with everyone walking off happily into the sunset as many poorly written television series do. Everwood writers acknowledge the fact that when a person dies, it has lasting effects that don't go away when the credits roll. This series falls into the "best TV you aren't watching" category but desrves a chance to grow. Give it a watch. Don't expect hot babes in bikinis though. This is much more real than that.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-03   Click to Comment   

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