Gawker to Launch Gawker LA

According to the last paragraph of a Women's Wear Daily article about Gawker Editor Elizabeth Spiers who "appears to have turned her ability to spout bitchy, witty takedowns of trucker hats and Soho House into a plum job", publisher Nick Denton has plans to launch a Los Angeles version of Gawker. Spiers, who launched Gawker with Denton late last year, has taken a gig at New York magazine cowriting the Intelligencer column.

Spiers says she will continue to write for Gawker but Denton has placed Choire Sicha in place as new editor for the time being. Sicha was originally slated to edit Denton's yet-to-be launched porn weblog, Fleshbot.

So Elizabeth's off on a potentially succesful jouranlism carreer. Usually that's all good. But when people make it, someone always has to shit all over them. Depressing

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-03   Click to Comment   

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