New Budweiser Spot Shows "Big" Woman Taking Top Off

Beer Babe?

With a twist on the original beer babe beer commercial concept, DDB Chicago has created a new Budweiser commercial that still features a woman in a bikini yet she's far from a babe.

Part of the "True" campaign, the spot shows two guys on an American beach trolling for babes wishing they were on a topless beach in Europe. Cut to Europe and we see a very big woman taking her top off as two other guys look on. Following that is the subtitle, "You know in America they make women wear tops. It's the law."

Ha, ha. Really funny. So PC. So retro. So cool. Like we really want to see that. That's the kind of spot you see once and then cringe when you see it again. Every one will talk about it and no one will remember it was for Budweiser. Click the image to view the spot but you will need RealOne for it to work. I know, it's a pain.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-03   Click to Comment   

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