Sexy As A Coke Bottle

I'd Rather Drink Your Curves, Baby

In this week's Ad Age TV Spots of the Week, Coke pays homage to the Latino cultural oddity of comparing a woman's figure to a Coke bottle as a compliment. In the spot, a beautifully curvaceous woman steps off the bus in front of some dudes hanging out of the stoop. As she steps off, all the guys stare, jaws dropped, while one holds a Coke bottle up to her figure matching her curves as she walks across the street. After she crosses and walks up the steps to what is presumably her Mom's house, Mom steps out and scowls at the dudes. Paying appropriate comment, another guy holds up a large liter bottle of Coke that appropriately mirrors Mom's un-curvaceous figure.

Also this week are spots from the Ad Council for the Center on Addiction and Substance making fun of President Bush's mom, an SBC spot showing how fun it is to work for a phone company, a Blue Cross Blue Shield spot using the power of garlic to get coverage, Hong Kong Tourism begs travels to return following SARS, Jack on the Box enlists RuPaul to promote a new sandwich, Russian soldiers salute Corona, and a cutie sells hamburgers for Burger King.

by Steve Hall    Sep-22-03   Click to Comment   

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