Teletubbies Cybersquatter Gets Busted

Po or Porn?

John Zuccarini, hated cybersqutter and owner of thousands of domains names consisting of misspelled addresses of popular websites, could be off to prison. Zuccarini has been arrested under a new law making it illegal to redirect traffic to pornographic or obscene websites.

Zuccarini has a long history of shady Internet activities having been sued by Radio Shack, HP, Office Depot and Nintendo. This time, he's being dragged in for redirecting unsuspecting kids looking for the Teletubbies website to, a site that is called Hanky-Panky-College and quite pornographic in nature. Thinking further, perhaps this is just a stealth effort by PBS to fight off rumors one of the Teletubbies is gay.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-03   Click to Comment   

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