The New Superbowl

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler

First, let it be said. Aerosmith rocked! They made Blige and Spears look positively lame. It's nice to see musical artists actually sing their songs rather than just pump out choreographed, lip synched bullshit. OK, so the ladies didn't suck that bad and they are nicer to look at but Aerosmith showed them how it's done.

This NFL Kick Off has legs. It really was a good show. Much more interesting than the Superbowl half time show. Aretha Franklin did the Star Spangled banner big time justice. Full of soul and spirit.

The little speech President Bush gave pior to the game was a bit cheesy and at the same time kind of cool.

All in, this show gives the NFL and sponsoring advertisers a powerful marketing platform that may not rival the Superbowl but will certainly rank high on the must buy list.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 4-03   Click to Comment   

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