TV Guide Launches Less Racy New Design

New Look

About a month ago, it was reported here that TV Guide was launching a "racy new strategy to stem circulation losses." While TV Guide ultimately decided not to go in a direction quite as racy as previously "reported", the magazine has wisely made the decision that, in this 500 channel world, guiding viewers towards what to watch rather then where and when to watch is what readers need.

Not New Look

Michael Lafavore who joined TV Guide as editor in February has added more program recommendations, lessened celebrity profiling and changed the programming grid structure all of which is designed to make viewing choices simpler for readers

The change is supported with a new logo and a $30 million advertising campaign across television, radio and direct mail. The television campaign, created by Richards Group in Dallas will show TV Guide reporters sneaking onto television sets and getting first-hand scoops.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 8-03   Click to Comment   

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