Yuppies Give Way to Tireds

I Need A Break

The 'Tired' is the new Yuppie. Tired stands for Thirtysomething Independent Radical Educated Drop-out. Aside from being a mouthful, the term attempts to describe a segment that is bored with modern life and thinks marketing is a bunch of crap.

The term comes from London public relations firm The Fish Can Sing. Managing Partner Howard Beale says tireds seek to a life with less demand and deeper reward with a certain avoidance of mainstream commercialism. In short, they have pulled the plug and "turned off" the daily marketing scream.

While this has been researched as a phenomenon in India and South Asia, its relevance to America can been seen as well. Many thirtysomethings just don't want to have anything to do with the marketing blather that accost them on a daily basis.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-03   Click to Comment   

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