Bow Wow Wow Yipee Yo Yipee...Are You My Date?

Here's a nice clip from our friends at 7 (M) Pictures that could actually be a very humorous ad for a dating service.

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-03    

Nicole Kidman Strikes First Ad Deal With Chanel No. 5

Nicole Kidman, who usually steers clear of advertising deals, has agreed to appear in an ad campaign for Chanel No. 5. The campaign, created by director Baz Luhrmann who directed Kidman in Moulin Rouge, will launch worldwide early next year.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-03    

PlaySation 2 Creates Human Skyscaper

From Adrants reader, Ethan, comes this Playstation 2 commericial of unknown origin (Ollsen in the Comment section says the spot is airing in Germany). To the tune of "Get on Board" millions of people climb over each other to be on the top of the heap.

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-03    

PVR's Benefit Marketers, Hurt Broadcasters

Following an Ad Age study that found network television to deliver the worst return on investment of all media, this article discusses how PVR technology will be a boon to marketers and the death of network television. The most compelling marketing potential of PVR technology is the ability of marketers to create and deliver their own programming, along with advertising, without need of network programming to as a marketing channel.

With PVR technology predicted to be in 25 percent of all homes in four years along with cable and PVR companies providing an alternative means of delivering marketer programming, the reign of network television as a delivery channel for marketers is fast closing.

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-03    

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Big Nipples Not Just For Sexy Women Anymore

Like My Nippples?

There's always been something tantalizing about nipples poking through the fabric of a tight shirt on a hot chic. But big nipples on a guy is another thing altogether. Vigorsol Air Chewing Gum has launched a new commercial that somehow wants us to believe eating their gum is so exciting (read arousing) that it makes your nipples huge. On a woman, maybe. On a guy, no way. Of course, the spot couldn't air if they used a female in this spot.

Other new ads in this week's Ad Age TV Spots of the Week give us Martha Stewart in a KMart spot as if we are supposed to forget she is a criminal, hot butt shots of a surfer for Pioneer's new plasma TV's, a spot for Lipitor explaining even healthy people need to take pills, Abyss-like special effects imitate heat in a heating oil industry spot, a dude splats on the windshield of an unsuspecting family for PlayStation 2 and Standard Federal Bank launches a very standard ad for their mortgaging services.

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-03