Four Boobs Against Genetic Engineering

There's Only So Much I Can Give

Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment (MAdGE) launched a billboard campaign in Auckland that shows a four-breasted woman hooked up to a GE branded milking machine. The campaign calls attention to the practice of genetically engineering cows to deliver more and different kinds of milk.

"New Zealanders are allowing a handful of corporate scientists and ill-informed politicians to make decisions on the ethics of GE. Our largest science company, AgResearch, is currently putting human genes into cows in the hope of creating new designer milks. The ethics of such experiments have not even been discussed by the wider public. How far will we allow them to go? Where is the line in the sand? Why is the government lifting the moratorium on GE when we have not even had a public debate on ethics?" said Alannah Currie Madge founder and billboard designer. Thanks to Adland for the link. View larger image here.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 2-03   Click to Comment   

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