Kid's Screen Media Consumption Outweighs Reading

Mommy, Why Can't I Think Anymore?

Following a similar Knowledge Networks/SRI study, a Kaiser Foundation study, "Zero to Six: Electronic Media in the Lives of Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers," indicates one quarter of kids under two have TVs in their rooms and two thirds use one form of screen media (computer, DVD, television) on any given day. Kids two to six consume an average of two hours per day of screen media, which is three times more than they spend reading or being read to. Now, those in the online marketing world can gleefully jump for joy over these studies, but there is concern from the American Academy of Pediatrics that too much screen media does not allow kids brains to develop properly.

Harvard researcher Michael Rich says, "They [kids] should be spending time with siblings, with parents, with mud. They should not be spending time with the television."

The fact remains that media consumption habits are changing, and so shall marketing strategies to meet these changes.

by Steve Hall    Oct-29-03   Click to Comment   

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