Marketers Not Responsible For Fat America

Absolving themselves of responsibility, a recent study by Reveries concluded that one half of marketers place the blame for America's fatness squarely on the shoulders of consumers themselves. While the slanted survey in the sense that no marketer really wants to admit their fat-filled cream puff could ever make a consumer fat, it is refreshing to see blame placed where it should be. No one is shoving Big Macs down consumers throats. Consumers do it themselves. Yes, the marketing engine is very loud and the fact that no one cooks anymore both contribute to the expanding waistline of America.

The facts are simple. Coffee is hot and it will burn you so don't sue a company because they make hot coffee. Food with a lot of calories will make you gain wait so don't eat a lot of calories if you don't want to be fat. Is it really that hard for people to take responsibility for their own lives? Do we need to sue each other all the time for idiotic reasons? Use your head. That's what it's for.

by Steve Hall    Oct-10-03   Click to Comment   

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