Razor Publisher Richard Botto Says 'Metrosexuals' Just Good Old Gentlemen

Razor Magazine Publisher Richard Botto, in perhaps one of the best comments on the current "metrosexual" craze, sets the record straight and says a "metrosexual" is simply a new fangled term for what has always been known as a gentleman.

"Catchy marketing word aside, metrosexuality is just an extension of what people used to call a gentleman, says Botto in his publishers column this month." A style that appeared to have gone out of style but is making a comeback in a big, manicured way. It's about men being men, secure with themselves, flaunting their masculinity through individuality instead of simply emulating a stereotype. Call it the furthering evolution of the alpha male. Surely, women must be rejoicing. Because although you may hear about them wanting the pretty boy or the bad boy, at the end of the day when the lights are low, truth be told, they don't want a boy at all, they want a MAN."

Botto is refreshingly correct here and debunks the current Madison Avenue craze towards catering to this audience as if it where something new. That's not to say there's not a new market here. It's a welcome sign to see men become men again countering the sensitive idiot streotype they seem to have been stuck with for the past decade or so.

by Steve Hall    Oct-20-03   Click to Comment   

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