Sex Just Won't Stay Out of Commercials

How Do I Look?

This week's crop of ads from Ad Age's TV Spots of the Week brings another sex-laced ad from Uniliver for Axe. It's a humorous play on the typical guy-outside-the-woman's-dressing-room scenario. Nice visuals. Can't really remember what the product was though. Also this week are people walking on stilts to avoid fire ants in ad from Bayer Tru-Green; Halle Berry glams for Revlon Overtime Lip Color; a bull tramples a grocery store for T-Mobile; the egg holder in your refrigerator can now be used for holding liquor days Diago in a spot for their new Bailey' Minis; Walt Disney promotes itself in the typical emotional manner; scenes of everyday life are framed in a unique way in a pot for HP's Digital cameras; and Dunkin Donuts employees beat the shit out of an unsuspecting waiter to promote the new line of Expresso/Latte/Capuccino drinks.

by Steve Hall    Oct-13-03   Click to Comment   

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