Shannen Doherty in Deal For New Television Comedy

Shannen Does Comedy

TV actress Shannen Doherty, who has been dogged by a so-called "bad girl" image for years, is looking to make her first foray into comedy. The former "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Charmed" star has inked a deal to headline a show about a young woman who is stuck with a reputation of being headstrong and nasty but is nice and fragile at heart. Hmm...sounds familiar. The show will be produced by Pariah TV for NBC.

Doherty's persona on the Fox hit "90210" in the early 1990s blended with her highly publicized offscreen exploits and reports of clashes on the set. She exited the WB's supernatural drama "Charmed" in 2001 after a couple of seasons amid reports of difficulties with her co-stars.

The only comedic experience Doherty has had to date was during a guest appearance on "The Ortegas," also produced by Pariah. Doherty is currently host of the ridiculous Sci Fi Channel's hidden-camera series "Scare Tactics." Here's hoping she does well with comedy.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 7-03   Click to Comment   

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