U.K Tailor Lutwyche Bespoke Launches Racy Viral Video

Eating. Slapping. Fornicating. Obey The Suit

To the musical bed Carl Orf's Carmina Buranaof , a headless suit mysteriously interacts with several people in a new viral video promoting U.K. based tailor Lutwyche Bespoke. In the video, called Obey The Suit, a man, whose face is never shown, first takes a bite out of a man's sandwich, then slaps the ass of an unsuspecting woman using the copy machine and finally gives another woman a backrub as she sits at a conference room table then lets her hair down and finally has his way with her on the table. Each time, the three react with a smile as soon as they see the suit.

Racy as it sounds, the message is clear. The authority of Lutwyche Bespoke suits is to be respected and appreciated. The video, developed by St. Lukes, has been viewed 35,000 times since its launch early this week and is now being considered for use on television.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Oct- 3-03  
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