Coors Gets Crapped on For Featuring Beer Babes in PG-13 Movie

Coors is getting a lot of complaints for promotionally tying the Coors Twins to "Scary Movie 3", a PG-13 flick. Coors said they put the promotion in place prior to the movie being rated assuming it would be rated R.

"If Coors wanted to be responsible, they would have pulled the promotional ads when they learned it was rated PG-13," said Laurie Lieber, a media advocate for the Marin Institute.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-03    

Viral 'Make Your Own Movie' Promotes Singapore

Web Guru Asia has launched European and Asia-focused viral marketing campaign, called My Singapore Movie, for the Singapore Tourism Board and the Ministry of Manpower to spread awareness of Singapore as the ultimate place in Asia to live, work and play. By inviting friends to take part in funny animated movies designed to illustrate the unique characteristics of Singapore, he game hopes to build awareness and increase travel to the city.

This viral component is part of a larger campaign that includes TV ads on CNBC, email marketing and banner advertising.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-03    

Howard Stern Does Product Placement on Letterman

Tonight, Howard Stern will appear on Letterman for the first time in five years. During his appearance he will promote the products of five of his sponsors who, today, paid $100,000 for the plugs. Among the five sponsors will be Maxiderm, a male enhancement patch and Sphincterine from Minti-Ass, a....well, like tha name says...a "make your ass minty fresh" cream.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-03    

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