'Queer Eye' Star Thom Filicia New Spokesperson For Pier 1 Imports

Crazy "Queer Eye" guy Thom Felicia is replacing Kirstie Alley as spokesperson for Pier 1. It's about time too as Alley appeals to basically no one and Pier 1's move to at least employ someone with some relevance to style is a smart move.

by Steve Hall    Nov-25-03    

Nokia Dials Ups Success With the Highschool In Crowd

To launch its new 3650 camera-phone, Nokia, through DVCX, identified female teenage "social leaders" in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco and gleaned the inside scoop on teenage culture to infiltrate and introduce the new phone. With the help of these "social leaders," Nokia found the right parties, restaurants and highschool parties to promote the phone and hand out $50 rebates to those who emailed photos to their friends.

The campaign was deemed a success with 200,000 potential customers reached, 100,000 rebates given, 25,000 pictures taken and sent and 20,000 email addresses collected. Nokia has also garnered a base of 2,000 teenage influencers through whom it can launch future marketing efforts.

by Steve Hall    Nov-25-03    

Heineken China Does So Tired, So Yesterday, Matrix Themed Flash Ad

While it's mildly entertaining, this second installment of Heineken China's Matrix style flash ad by Xiaoxiao puts us through another ridiculous scenario in which a bunch of stick figures get the shit beaten out of them all in the name of selling beer. Thanks to AdLand for the link.

by Steve Hall    Nov-25-03    

Networks Re-Tool For Mid-Season

Following a semi-disastrous Fall television season with few new shows catching on, the networks are doing their usual mid-season shuffle in an attempt to get things back on track. ABC will be introducing a new comedy and will keep "Karen Sisco" but move it to a new time slot. CBS will replace cancelled "Brotherhood of Poland, N.H." with "48 Hours" at 10 PM on Wednesdays and will launch a fourth CSI in Fall 2004. NBC is hyping its Donald Trump reality series "The Apprentice" which will debut Thursday, January 8 at 8:30 PM which will move "Ed" to Fridays at 9 PM bumping "Miss Match" until late in the season. FOX is launching four new series, "Cracking Up," The Ortegas," Still Life" and Wonder Falls" along with several new reality shows.

by Steve Hall    Nov-25-03    

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