So Yesterday Beer Babe Ads Under Fire From So Irrelevant PC Group

Beer babe ads are, once again, under fire for their supposed contribution towards underage drinking and the general decline of our country's moral fiber. The Washington D.C. Center for Science in the Public Interest is out to ban all beer advertising from college sports broadcasts with a new campaign called "Campaign for Alcohol-Free Sports TV".

Nevermind that it's never been proven that beer ads have anything to do with underage drinking, this PC on steroids group wants the bikinis covered, the boobs put away, and the fun that is beer advertising eradicated from the planet.

Come on, where's their Holiday spirit?

by Steve Hall    Nov-28-03    

U.S. Beer Drinking Team Launches Radio Network

New Beer Radio Network

In hopes of reaching the 90 million American beer drinkers, Beer Radio; the "All Beer; All The Time" official radio program for the U.S. Beer Drinking Team (USBDT) has launched it's own radio show which will be broadcast from the studios of Infinity Broadcasting Corporation in Baltimore, Maryland. The USBDT is a beer enthusiast community.

USBDT Beer Hall of Fame member Big Don O'Brien will host the show which will cover domestic and imported beer topics, information on brewery tours, sports, motorsports & beer, beer & fitness, cooking & beer, home brewing, beer can collecting, and tailgating.

Beer Radio originates from the studios of Infinity Broadcasting Corporation's WXYV FM 105.7 located in the Baltimore/Washington Metroplex, Saturdays from 11:00 - noon (East Coast) and will be webcast to thousands of USBDT members in the military. Apparently, active duty military members on deployment are given special access to call in from around the world to talk about beer during every episode of Beer Radio.

USBDT President Dennis Buettner stated the goals of Beer Radio. "Beer Radio promotes passionate beer drinking through the USBDT's National Neighborhood Sponsorship Programs. Beer, lifestyle and entertainment related product and service companies, pubs, restaurants, and 'beer entertainment' locations sign on with the USBDT and Beer Radio as sponsors to promote great beer drinking events to USBDT members and Beer Radio listeners."

There was no mention of whether or not "Beer Radio" would invite all of the recently out of work advertising beer babes to participate in the broadcast.

by Steve Hall    Nov-28-03    

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